Running In The Dream

Running In The Dream

A lot of individuals are having dreams of running. Running is naturally a good thing as it helps to keep an individual fit and prevent sickness as it is a form of exercise.

When one dream of running, it does depend on the entirety of the dream. Are you running to something or from something? Do you know what you are running away from or running to?

Many individuals dream that they are running but find it hard to run. I have witnessed the story of a young girl who always dream that she is running away from various individuals but found it hard to run. She stated that her legs were chained and, a huge ball was chained to her ankles.

She normally wakes up panting and breathing hard. After narrating the story of this constant nightmare to the right person who had knowledge of what was happening to her, she was set free from limitation, stagnation and other filthy demons. Today’s date she is running but, she is running in the right direction towards her destiny.

One of the most common dreams is having a mad man chasing an individual. This is a clear indication that the spirit of madness and confusion wants to overpower your life. I know individuals who have had dreams that they are being chased and, because of lack of knowledge, the dreamer did not rebuke the dream and in no time became confused and sick in the mind.

To see oneself naked in the dream represents madness, disgrace, shame and confusion. It’s the same thing when one finds themself running naked in their dream. If you pay close attention around you, you will notice that it’s mainly insane people that walk naked.

To find oneself running from the police in the dream, I encourage such a one to seek the face of God and stay away from trouble. Though, there are evil police officers that operate in the realm of the spirit that locks up the destinies of individuals. They operate as destiny destroyers. As I mentioned before, it does depend on the entirety of the dream. If you find yourself running in bushes away from people that are chasing you, I would encourage you to pray and ask God to release you from the bondage of the devil. This dream is a clear indication that satan wants to destroy you.

To see animals chasing you is never a good dream. It means the devil wants to destroy you. It is a fact that the animal that is chasing you does represent an evil spirit. It could be sicknesses, poverty, anger, an enemy of progress etc.

Running backwards in the dream represent the spirit of backwardness and, it means that the enemy is attacking your progress. When you walk backwards, it’s easy to stumble. Satan doesn’t want you to prosper. To find oneself running and falling constantly tells that your destiny is under evil spiritual attack. The devil has programmed failure and the spirit of error in the life of that individual. I have witnessed some strange encounters in deliverance. A demon stated that it was the spirit of dropping. This demon explained that they always allow the woman to fall in various places. After the session, the woman stated that she falls in various places in Jamaica and America. She explained that when she fell, it was hard for her to understand how it happened. However, a lot of strange things that happen to us at times are programmed by satan.

To dream that your feet are soft as a sponge and you are unable to run away from your attacker is a sad case of being spiritually weak. I remember as a child we would share our dreams whenever it was an interesting one about monsters. These dreams were always a big hit as we would feel like a superhero telling it, especially if we defeated the monster. I tell you when you are lacking in knowledge, you eat and drink with danger and see them as friends. I remember someone very close to me narrating how she was always chased by monsters but never could run away from them because her legs were like a sponge. However, she always wakes up before the monster takes her away. The truth is she was weak spiritually and, her destiny was under attack from that tender age. Nevertheless, she is now delivered and no longer has such dreams. The Lord said in his Word in the book of:

Habakkuk 3:19- The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

Our father’s plan for us is to be strong and resilient and to see us prosper. However, satan’s plan is for us is to kill, steal and destroy.

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2 thoughts on “Running In The Dream”

  1. My God, my God. I remember having numerous dreams of running in my dream but never made it far because my feet would become spongy hence I wasn’t able to run. But thanks be to God almighty I no longer have those dreams. Thanks for sharing the meaning of these dreams. May God continue to use you mightily🙏

  2. I had a dream that I was in bed with a person. It was very Intimate. We were staring next to each other and had blankets covering us.

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