Demons In Children

demons in children

This is a very touchy topic and many individuals are not thrilled with the fact that demons can and do live in children. There are some that feel as if it is a taboo however it is not so. I have noticed that a lot of people’s eyes have been opened to the fact that demons are responsible for many of the problems they are facing today. Most are realizing that the behaviour of their kids and loved ones is influenced by demonic entities.

It is a fact that many children have demons from when they were born and some from they were inside their mothers’ wombs. I have seen deliverance sessions with people who were possessed from the womb. At times, the demons may enter through generational curses or open doors by parents. One of the most overlooked open doors that occurs in the home is when parents argue with each other and keep malice. When children are in the home it gives demons easy access to enter the children. That is why as parents we must always be quick to come to an agreement with each other and forgive each other. Whether you are right or whether you are wrong, you should not hold offence.

The most common way in which demons enter children is through the eyes because the eyes are windows to the soul.

Matthew 6:22- The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

Most of the things that are presented to kids these days are demonic; the movies with monsters, chants, spells and curses but, because many are ignorant, they will sit with their child or children and indulge, not understanding the spiritual implication of their actions.

Another common way is what they listen especially teenagers. Teenagers are drawn to music and most of the music that is being released today is like a package from the pit of hell. The ears are like your womb. Whatever you listen to, either good or bad is conceived and will be given birth to in due time and season. Choose what to listen to and what to ignore.

Personally, I have seen children become possessed because of the things they listen to and watch. There was a young lady, age 14 who was seriously possessed because of some games that she was playing and watching. She was playing a game, and each time she passed a level she would go into a different kingdom. She reached about level fifteen when things got really bad for her. Now, during her deliverance, the demons confessed that she was lost in a maze. This young girl was initiated into fifteen different kingdoms. She was atomically being initiated as she went to a different level of the game. I remember until this day because this game has ruined this young girl’s life. It reached a place where she did not know what was real from what was not. Her body was in this physical world but, her soul was caged. The sad truth is that she could not even sleep. Beloved, whenever one cannot sleep, most time it’s when their souls are gone out of their body.

There was another young man, very brilliant, he was playing some games online which led him to masturbation, pornography and in no time the homosexual spirit started to torment his life. Parents must be protective of their children, guiding them with the word of the Lord and teaching them right from wrong. This is why parents need to have a relationship with the Lord.

Another way in which demons can enter children from a tender age is when they are left alone. It is sad to say that there are times when parents may leave their child or children at home unsupervised and demons will enter them. Children are not supposed to be left unsupervised. At times, their little minds will and can play tricks on them. This is because they do not feel protected, and the devil will operate through fear to attack their minds.

Fear is one of the most used tools that Satan uses on kids in order to captivate their hearts. He also uses it on anyone once they are not cognizant of his tactics.

This is why it is not good to allow children to watch scary movies because it opens their minds to fear. At times, adults will open demonic doors in their homes by watching horror movies. The fact is, an open door is just an open door, and though the child may not watch it, the most vulnerable one in the house will come under demonic attacks. Let us look at this analogy. If a thief breaks into a house, he will take captive the most vulnerable.

Being called to work in the vineyard, I have been privileged to learn a lot. I Have been exposed to a lot of deep things, spiritually speaking. Things that many may find strange, I tell you everything is not what it seems. We do have the physical world and the spirit world. We must know that everything happens in the realm of the spirit before it manifests physically.

If an individual is involved in pornography or masturbation and seven people are living in that house, the spirit of masturbation will not only trouble the one that is involved. This spirit will be operating in the atmosphere and will send out wave frequencies. The frequency would be the suggestion to masturbate or watch pornography. Perversion would be in the atmosphere and that house will be monitored. The occupant may start having an urge to engage in sinful and lustful activities.

Demons can gain access to children through molestation, trauma and rejection. Demons can also gain easy access to children through their dreams. I have noticed that when demons enter through the dream, during deliverance, the child always seems to fall asleep. At times, kids will love cartoon characters and dolls, while nothing is wrong with toys; there are good ones and there are bad ones. Many of the toys that are sent out are prayed over for evil, so when it is purchased, it comes with a spirit. That is the reason we must consecrate whatever is purchased.

At times, the toy is an evil character and by that child receiving such a gift, they take on the character of the same. At times, I see kids playing with toys that are a copy of an evil spirit. I tell you, everything happens in the realm of the spirit before it manifests physically. Many parents are longing for a break and decide that they will send away their child or children to relatives and friends. It could also be on holiday. While nothing is wrong with it, it is vital to be careful where you send your little ones and be very aware of what is being practised in that home. It’s also important that we be careful of who we allow to come into our home to watch over our kids. If the one that is set to watch your child or children is darkness then they will initiate your little one/s into darkness and the only way to find out is if God reveals it.

While there are many ways in which demons will and can enter individuals. It is vital that we be cognizant of the devices of the evil one.

Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:

Proverbs 11:9– But through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

At times little children are very naughty and behave very badly. While kids will be kids, we should know when it’s a demonic entity operating in their lives. When children display strange behaviour, it is imperative to be watchful. Demons can befriend kids through their imagination. I don’t encourage imaginary friends. Children should talk to real people that they can see, feel and touch. I have seen the influence of imaginary friends many times in different children. At times, they will tell them to do rude things, to say curse words and to do abominable things.

I have seen children at the age of eight being delivered and demons spoke through them saying that they have great destinies and so they are there to destroy them. Satan does not care if your kids are cute and cuddly. His intention has always been the same as his motto; to kill, steal and destroy. While God our heavenly father’s intention for us is to have life and life more abundantly. The Lord’s intention for us is good and not evil.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

May the grace of the Lord be with!

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