2 Corinthians 10: 3-5- For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Crabs are decapods meaning they have 10 legs. They can be found all around the world. A group of crabs is called a cast. Crabs walk and swim sideways. This is because their legs are positioned at the side. They are omnivores as they eat both meat and herbs. They breathe through their gills.

For one to dream of crabs attacking them is indeed very serious. Naturally, crabs are very manipulative, and aggressive and can be confusing. If you dream of a crab attacking you it could indicate a spiritual attack or someone around you may attack you.

If you dream that a cast of crabs is attacking you, it means that a host of well-organized demonic force is attacking or is planning to attack you. It also means that you are engaged in spiritual warfare. It could also mean that people around you are not with you. This dream is showing you that you are to be vigilant and be in prayer.

To dream that you are being watched by crabs indicates that you are carefully monitored. Crabs are very swift and attentive when they are around. If you are monitored by the spirit of crab it can go unnoticeable unless it’s revealed by the Holy Spirit. Crabs listen through vibration therefore when they are assigned to work against an individual, they are like soldiers. They will stay unnoticeable.

Physically, the shells and especially the antennae of crabs are covered with microscopic hairs, some of which sense vibrations (others are used for “smelling”) and send a message to the nervous system. As it is physically speaking, spiritually, crabs are very attractive to movement and sound. This means they monitor their victim’s every move.

One day I was on the outside, and I saw a crab. I noticed the crab was moving very quickly. However, as I was observing it, The Holy Spirit said to me that crabs listen through vibration. Please note that the crab was a good distance from me. The Holy Spirit said, move your foot on the surface of the ground and I did gently. I could see the crab looking in my direction. It was obvious that it picked up the vibration. I then stomped my feet, and away the crab went quickly. Beloved, moments like these are precious to me because I have never thought of crabs, but right there on the spot the Lord taught me something.

When the spirit of the crab is operating, it moves assiduously and manipulative. Just as it does physically. If your spiritual eyes are closed you may miss the crafty operation of the crab when in operation. When you dream of the crab you know that manipulation and confusion are in operation. When you are attacked by the red crab it symbolizes war while the black crab represents a season of lack, though at times it depends on the entirety of the dream. To dream that you are pregnant and gave birth to a crab indicates that a spiritual spouse is attacking your life. It means you are initiated in the marine kingdom, and deliverance is needed.

When you dream of a crab, pray fervently over your finances as this dream could indicate an attack on your finances as the claws of the crab are as scissors and shreds as shredders because they work assiduously.

If a crab steals from you and runs into the ocean, lake, river or other water bodies, it means marine spirits are stealing from you. If you catch the crab and kill the crab in the dream then rejoice because God has given you the power to crush your enemy, and by God’s grace you will restore what was stolen.


Prayer Points

You spirit of the crab I reject and renounce every evil covenant that I have forged with you in Jesus Christ mighty name.

You spirit of the crab, whatever stronghold you have in my life be broken, be broken, be broken in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Every demonic crab assigned to destroy my life and destiny, catch fire now in Jesus name.

I command the fire of God to burn to ashes every evil altar operating against me in the marine kingdom. I command that your altar be destroyed in Jesus Christ mighty name.

You spirit of the crab release from your claws my blessing and my breakthroughs in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I command now that your claws be crushed and every association with you be destroyed in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I bind and cast out of my life and destiny every spirit of confusion and manipulation in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I release myself from the power, hold and activities of water spirits, in Jesus name.

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