Evil Voice

evil voices

Psalm 55:3- Because of the voice of the enemy, Because of the oppression of the wicked: For they cast iniquity upon me, and in wrath they hate me.

As we have good, we also have evil. It’s common to hear people complaining about hearing voices. At times in their dreams or physically while they are awake.


Now there are a lot of examples in the bible where people heard the voice of God speaking to them or the angel of God. God spoke to Moses and gave him instructions on more than one occasion among many other servants of God.

We must know that evil voices can come from the mouths of people as well as animals. God can use the mouths of animals to speak. Remember the story of the donkey that spoke in the book of Numbers chapter 22, the Lord allowed a donkey to speak to its master after seeing an angel standing in the way. The donkey ended up saving its master.


 In the Garden of Eden, the Lord would normally come down and talk with Adam and Eve which was very good. The devil also shapeshifted into the form of a serpent and spoke to Eve and was successful in deceiving her, Adam’s wife. We can conclude that there are different voices and also that spirits can speak through animals. There are evil voices that are calling people from different kingdoms. Some are being called from the forest, sea, river, coven and from the aerial kingdom.


Some spirits are programmed to call the names of individuals for destruction. There are evil voices that are speaking failure to the destiny of individuals. They are calling people’s names for the spirit of death to come and take people’s lives with untimely death. Limitations, setbacks, backwardness. Some are programming problems in the marital homes in an effort to bring divorce so that they can destroy the destiny of the children of the union. The devil knows that if we are united then we will stand and if we are divided then we will fall.


 There are some evil spirits that are speaking in the ears of our destiny helpers telling them to not help or that you don’t need assistance. If the destiny helpers are not strong spiritually speaking, then they will listen to the voice of y satan. Many individuals’ names are called for demotion in the realm of the spirit. This could be physically and spiritually.


 Now, experience does teach wisdom and I want to share it with you. On many occasions, I can remember hearing my name being called in the realm of the spirit and immediately I hear the Holy Spirit saying to me, don’t answer. This happened while I was sleeping. On these occasions, the voice that called is the familiar voice of people I know. Satan wanted me to answer so that whatever wicked assignment he orchestrated could have been completed by my answering.


Satan is cunning and he will use tactics that people are unaware of. When I was lacking in knowledge I suffered. I don’t mind the affliction that I have faced in the past because anything that brings you closer to God is a blessing and not a curse. You see, what satan meant for evil God turned it out for my good. This is because the plans he has for us are good and not evil. What I have been through has qualified me to speak to you. We should also bear in mind that the testing of our faith produces perseverance.

 Yes, there are good voices and evil voices. How do you differentiate the voice of God from the voice of satan? The voice of God brings peace, calmness and clarity. The voice of satan brings forth panic, anxiety, frustration, and doubts and it will lead you out of the path of righteousness. There are evil voices that give instructions. Many individuals who commit mass killings and gruesome crimes are normally operating under a spirit that gives evil instructions eg…burn down the school, shoot up some random people for no reason. These voices can also prey upon the weakness of an individual by telling them to go and masturbate, watch some pornography, cut yourself etc.


 Now, it depends on the mind frame of such a one if they will carry out such an act or they will be able to resist the devil. Some individuals will hear evil voices to do abominable things and they may not comply. Because they know right from wrong. However, there are some individuals that if satan cannot get you to do something while you are awake, he will attack in the realm of the spirit. Many will find themselves doing strange things at night. 


I have seen people who do some weird things while sleeping. They will use their hands to open doors and do abominable things. This is because satan would have found a way to manipulate them in the dream using familiar spirits to gain their trust and then control them. This is why we must be covered with the blood of Jesus and we must be clothed with the entire armour of God so that we can withstand the snares of satan.


Matthew 13: 25- but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.


I have seen the voice of evil destiny destroyers at work, who have spoken against the lives of many individuals and the one that should sit as a manager is outside opening the gate.


Ecclesiastes 10:7- I have seen servants upon horses, and princes walking as servants upon the earth.




To overcome evil voice in our lives we must first repent and confess our sins. It’s vital that one accepts Jesus Christ as the head of their life and also receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. We must close the doors that are open in our lives that are access points for satan to penetrate our lives. We must break the covenants that have been forged knowingly or unknowingly. The evil voice must be silenced in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Also, we must eradicate the effects of evil voices over our lives by replacing the evil words with the word of God.



  1. Oh lord, before you formed me in my mother’s womb you knew me and you blessed me and loved me.
  2. I confess that it’s not my righteousness but the righteousness of God.
  3. Mighty God of Daniel, I silence every evil voice that is calling my name for destruction in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  4. Oh Father Lord, let their way be dark and slippery who open their mouth against me.
  5. Father Lord, scatter the plans of every evil communication against my destiny in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  6. Oh Lord, terminate the effects of evil words spoken over my life in Jesus name.
  7. If you are speaking from the coven, I command rocks to fall and destroy you in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  8. I call for volcanic heat to penetrate the ocean floor, river, stream and lake and locate you that is calling my name.
  9. I command by the blood of Jesus Christ that you be destroyed.
  10. Oh Lord, I command that the element of the forest suffocate any evil spirit speaking against me in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  11. I thank you Jesus that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that I am the head and not the tail in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  12. According to your word Father, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
  13. My Lord, scatter every evil plan that evil voice has spoken over my life.
  14. I know the plans that you have for me are good and not evil. Oh Lord, let your word speak for me in Jesus Christ name.
  15. I command the source of the evil voice to be nullified in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  16. I command every evil voice controlling my destiny to be silenced in Jesus Christ name.
  17. I reject and renounce every voice of evil personality in Jesus name.
  18. I reject and renounce every voice of familiar spirits and masquerading spirits.
  19. I reject and renounce every voice of the serpent spirit and water spirits.
  20. I reject and renounce every evil voice that is humming, hissing, speaking, shouting, singing and chanting against my life and destiny in Jesus name.
  21. I reject and renounce every evil voice projecting from evil altars and satanic devices that are attacking my subconscious and conscious mind in Jesus name.
  22. I reject and renounce every evil voice that comes in the evil wind in the name of Jesus Christ.
  23. I reject and renounce every voice of fear, doubt, condemnation, double-mindedness in Jesus name.
  24. I reject and renounce every evil voice calling my name.
  25. I reject and renounce every voice of death.
  26. I command my ears to reject every voice and sound that is not of God in Jesus name.
  27. I command my ears to hear wondrous things from heaven in Jesus name.
  28. Oh Lord, I thank you for hearing my prayers and for answering in your name I pray. Amen
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3 thoughts on “Evil Voice”

  1. There was this time I was sleeping and a voice called out my sleep but the voice was so familiar to someone that I know. When I got up there was no one there. Thanks for sharing these prayer points, 🙏🏾

  2. Praise God…this is very informative. I have had experience upon more than one occasion where i heard voice of familiar or unknown person calling my name.

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