Oral Sex In The Dream

oral sex in the dream

If you find that in your dream you are being forced to commit oral sex; it’s a very evil attack. Today’s date, many women and men especially those that are very prayerful will find themselves being attacked by demons forcing them to commit oral sex in the realm of the spirit. This is an effort to defile the mouth of that individual and to stop their prayers from being effective.

Psalm 22:20-“Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.”

Whenever one dreams that someone is performing oral sex on them, it signifies sexual perversion. When such an attack occurs, if it’s not dealt with in prayer and fasting, the individual can experience foul odours from their private part especially women. The spirit of delay, setback, poverty, and infirmity will operate against such a one. This is also an attempt to steal one’s blessings and a way of causing spiritual pollution. This dream can cause an individual to experience movement in the stomach or body if not dealt with fervent prayer. Many men after experiencing such dream, will have their substance taken in the realm of the spirit and used against them. It can cause erectile dysfunction and at times they will take on the spirit of the dog which is same as lust. There are many spiritual implications when one receives such a dream.

It’s imperative that we know that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood, as the scripture says. We are in a war and, thieves don’t break into an empty house. Many times people that are prayerful will be told to stop praying and reading their bibles and encouraging others by the demons that are attacking them and forcing them to commit oral sex. However, because the Lord is our present help in the time of trouble, he always delivers his people.

There are different kinds of devil that have been released. These demons are wicked and ferocious. While others enjoy such a dream, not knowing the spiritual implications, others know how vicious these attacks are.

Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge is dangerous; it has caused uncountable amounts of untimely death. However, there is also this great reminder in the scripture that says, ‘but through knowledge shall the just be delivered (Proverbs 11:9).’

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6 thoughts on “Oral Sex In The Dream”

  1. Rev. James F. Tengbeh

    Thanks you for your education on oral sex. But please don’t limit it on oral sex alone, sex in general in ones dream is demonic.

  2. James Ssajjabbi

    thanks for this awesome message actually I have been telling my fellow friends that having such dreams ain’t good but needs prayer and fasting there and then but your message is gonna be an evidence of what shall I have been saying. We welcome more messages from you. Thank you

  3. That’s why in 1 Corinthians 11-10, teaches that a woman must have power on her head which’s Christ, because of those falling angels that’s going to return as mentioned in the book of Jude 1-6. Let us try and keep Christ over head by abiding in His word everyday. Thank you very much for another eye opening message.

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