Maggots in the dream

maggots in the dream

Maggots are soft-bodied legless larvae of a fly or other insect, found in decaying matter. Maggots are commonly found in areas where there is rotting food, organic material, or decaying matter and filth, eg rotten meat, fruit and vegetables.

When maggots are in a particular place, it’s a fact that no one wants to be in that place. People that are in their right minds will scorn such a place. Now, many individuals are having dreams about maggots, so let us look at the spiritual implication of seeing maggots in one’s dream. It’s imperative that when one sees this kind of dream, they pay attention.

In the realm of the spirit, maggots represent the loss of virtue. If you see them on or in your skin, it means that satan is programming sickness in your life. Such a dream is a clear indication that satan is attacking the fruit of your labour. If the dreamer is a minister of God, it means that they will be working in the vineyard but it would be unprofitable labour. Also, the dream means that such a one’s blessing is under spiritual attack.

Maggot loves rotten flesh therefore wherever there are maggots there will be a bad odour. When maggots are attacking an individual’s life, spiritually speaking, a foul odour will follow such a one. I must say that many individuals carry a foul odour, spiritually speaking, that will eventually cause the spirit of rejection to follow. Personally, I know of individuals that suffer from this odour. They will smell it, but most time others around them wont unless God reveals.

Maggots also represent evil curses. I have seen people coming for deliverance, and when the evil spirit is manifesting, they will pick things from their hands and various parts of the body and when asked, ‘What are you taking out? They would say, maggot. I must say that most times, such a one is struggling with setbacks, limitations and backwardness. When one dreams of maggots they won’t receive favour.

Once Maggots are present, they will eat up one’s blessings. They are wicked spirits that are also eaters of flesh and drinker of blood. To dream that maggots are inside the mouth is an even wickeder attack. This means when you speak, your words be like foolishness in the ears of listeners. It means your word will come but with no authority.

If you are picking out maggots from your hand or other parts of your body in the dream, it’s a form of deliverance. If you are killing them, it means you are overcoming. If you see huge maggots in your dream, it indicates that your destiny has been under severe attack for a long time, I encourage you to pray and rise now in Jesus’s name.


  1. Oh Lord every maggot that is eating up the fruit of my labour die in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  2. Oh Lord I speak that my blessings be restored a thousand-fold in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  3. Father Lord, flush from my system every substance from the maggot.
  4. Oh Lord wash my spiritual body from all evil deposit in Jesus name.
  5. Oh father, every maggot in my foundation die, die, die in the name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Oh Lord, every burden that maggots have caused in my destiny, be uprooted in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  7. I command all maggot fighting against my spiritual life to die by fire in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  8. I command every maggot of infirmity to come out of my life in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  9. Oh Lord, let every maggot attacking my destiny burn to ashes in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  10. Oh Lord, cleanse my life from spiritual dirtiness and spiritual contamination in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  11. Oh Lord, I thank you for hearing and for answering in Jesus name.
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  1. Hallelujah thank you Jesus christ for this powerful prayer points i believe dy faith my prayers are answered amen amen

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