The Spirit of Frustration

spirit of frustration

Frustration is bosom friend with disappointment and stagnation, just to name a few. The spirit of frustration is very persistent, aggressive and determined. When this spirit is programmed in the life of any individual it is catastrophe and chaos mingled with depression which can lead to suicide, heart failure or heart attack. Many Christians and non-Christians battle with this vicious spirit and had even died from it. Frustration is a constant war; it hammers relentlessly until it captures it victims. The spirit of frustration will wrap itself around an individual like the python spirit. It will squeeze the very life out of its victims if that individual does not have Jesus Christ with them.

When the spirit of frustration is in operation it is easily detected because it fires one attack after the other. If one gets a breakthrough then the devil will make haste to scatter it so as to keep that one tied up. The difference between a true Christian and a non-believer is; a true Christian will use the Word of God as a battle axe to cut off the head of frustration. A true believer relies on Jesus Christ to deliver them from the clutches of devil. The Lord our God which is omnipotent will fight for his children. A Christian can speak to the situation and immediately there would be a calm. A true Christian also have the authority to curse and bind up the spirits working against them to frustrate them.

The spirit of frustration works in one accord with many other demons such as the monitoring spirit in order to obtain excellent reports. They work closely together and are well organized in carrying out their missions. Several marriages today struggle relentlessly to survive as satan program the spirit of frustration to operate against their families. Many today are frustrated in their relationships because they are under severe attacks from the kingdom of darkness. Whenever such an attack occurs, it is imperative to fast and pray the scriptures to rage war against the kingdom of darkness. For a family, it is recommended they join hands in one accord in order to disgrace this spirit.

An individual that is not a Christian will most time rely on their own strength or encouragement from their friends or family. These individuals would fall into deep depression which could lead to insomnia and the cuttings of one’s flesh in an effort to get some form of release. These spirits are furious and well-organized demons sometimes they frustrate their victims to the point of suicide. People that struggle with the spirit of frustration are normally sad, they don’t normally have inner joy neither do they have peace. They are at times miserable and misunderstood by others around them. The spirit of frustration is very happy when its victims commit suicide because then there is no more hope physically or spiritually for a person that takes their own life.

I observe that the devil always uses whatever a person loves in order to frustrate them, for example, parents that love their children. The devil will put a demon of drugs addiction, wayward spirit, stealing or any foolish thing he can use to pry into one’s heart. He knows that our hearts are contact point with God and God dwells in our heart. What most Christians don’t know is that if we allow anything that does not resemble God to get into our hearts then it is impossible for the Lord to reside there. This the devil knows well so he will use anything to cause individuals to lose focus so he can operate freely. Many Christians are oppressed with the spirit of frustration; nothing seems to work for them and at the point of breakthrough disappointment always rear its ugly head. When this seem to be repetitive then deliverance is required. Many persons may receive deliverance but find that this spirit will try to re-enter through the dreams or operate in others around them. For example, a wife that has been delivered and the husband is not delivered is an avenue in which the devil can work.

I remember some years ago a beautiful woman was going through deliverance and I asked the demon what they have done to the marriage. The demon confessed that two can’t walk together except they agree. It is extremely sad to say that the spirit of frustration work against individuals at times especially in marriage simply because of disunity. This is music to the devil’s ears as he uses this opportunity to frustrate his victims.

The sad truth about the whole situation is that most people are frustrated and is in a constant battle; however, they are not cognizant of spiritual warfare and individuals who call themselves Christians are also unaware. Many are still saying, “As I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep”, when the devil is throwing atomic bomb their way. Many don’t know how to pray and hit the nail on the head. The level of devil that has been released today to frustrate people’s lives is not normal. Therefore, it takes prayers that are abnormal to shut down the operation of demonic activities. It takes prayer that is engulfed in flames to destroy the plans of satan. We need to frustrate the devil with true prayer; prayer of the heart not the lips. Christians have the authority to call down acidic fire to burn up demonic entities.

Many are frustrated and refuses to seek the Lord. Due to spiritual laziness they remain spiritually dunce and a dwarf, spiritually speaking. I will not shy away from saying that many will also need deliverance by the blood of Jesus Christ but are ashamed, therefore the devil frustrates them mercilessly because they are ashamed of Jesus Christ who is the deliverer. Many are dying knowingly but refuses to seek help instead they remain caged and frustrated.

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Father, in Jesus Christ mighty name I rebuke the spirit of frustration. I cancel this spirit of frustration out of my life, I break evil covenants with this spirit and I ask you Lord to send the spirit of peace to saturate me in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful message. I’m dying under the stress of frustration. I can’t seem to get rid of this spirit. I need help and guidance please.

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