Sexual Perversion

sexual perversion

Psalm 22:20-“Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.”

Whenever one dreams that someone is performing oral sex on them, it signifies sexual perversion. When such an attack occurs, if it’s not dealt with prayer and fasting the individual can experience foul odours from their private part especially women. The spirit of delay, setback, poverty and infirmity will operate against such a one. This is also an attempt to steal one’s blessings and a way of causing spiritual pollution. This dream can cause an individual to experience movement in the stomach or body if not dealt with fervent prayer. Many men after experiencing such a dream, their substance will be taken in the realm of the spirit and used against them. It can cause erectile dysfunction and at times they will take on the spirit of the dog which is same as lust. There are many spiritual implications when one receives such a dream.

Another evil attack that satan uses against men is to place condoms on their private area in the dream. This condom is used to cause erectile dysfunction. Many are ignorant of satan and his devices and ignore dreams of such and when destruction occurs they will never know the root cause of their problem. Whenever a man masturbates and ejaculates in the realm of the spirit, the queen of the coast will take the sperm and store it in bottles. Most times they will use that substance as a contact point to control the individual’s life. This man will then have children in the realm of the spirit and they will not know unless they are spiritually literate. Dreams of having sex with an animal are also sexual perversion. Many, after having such an encounter will find that they will become attractive to animals. Their natural affection will change. Most men and women that are engaged in such activities are possessed with demons and they just need to be delivered in Jesus Christ mighty name. It’s not something for anyone to look down on another and be judgemental. Demons don’t love human beings, they just need a body to operate through.

Many young and old people are addicted to using sex toys such as dildos or false vagina for penetration. Many will allow their animals to lick their private parts while some will enjoy watching pornographic movies and others will enjoy masturbation. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if this is afflicting you, seek deliverance and don’t cause your soul to be destroyed. Jesus Christ is ready to set the captives free. This is an evil attack.

If you are a woman or a man and you find that you are attracted to the same sex, a demon is living inside of your body that is afflicting your soul and pushing you to feel this way. If you always dream of having sex with the same sex but has never done it physically; remember everything happens in the realm of the spirit before it manifests physically. Seek deliverance and reject the spirit of homosexuality. If you dream of getting married and you are already married or you are not yet married, this is an evil attack also. The devil wants to attach spiritual partners to your life and many will welcome such a dream because of lack of knowledge. If you find that you are constantly having sex in the dream, this is a spiritual attack and evil soul ties between the dreamer and demons. Such covenant must be broken with ungodly soul ties.

Dream of having a sex orgies mean you are a spiritual prostitute. It means that you are having sex with demons and human spirits and whatsoever was deposited inside your body would affect your life. Seek deliverance if you find yourself in such predicament, it’s only by the blood of Jesus Christ one can be delivered.

If you keep having an orgasm or ejaculate when you are not sleeping, it’s not normal. It’s a demon that is penetrating you in the realm of the spirit. The soul of this individual is caged.

If during sex you feel that you have to be abused physically (sadists) means that you need deliverance. It’s not normal. Many will say, “marriage is honourable and the bed is undefiled,” therefore they can do what they want. Let me explain that, at times what you are feeling is emotions that come from your soul and the soul of many persons are possessed and caged by evil spirits. Christ is coming back for a wedding so if you sleep with satan you will be defiled. You didn’t wait for the true Christ.

To dream that one is having sex with a family member introduces sexual perversion. Naturally, one that is not possessed or perverted would not sleep with their family members. If a mother dreams that her son is having sex with her, it’s not her son but a familiar spirit. Also, it’s a spiritual partner and not just any but a higher rank spiritual partner.

There are many other things that were not mentioned in this article. If you find that you are having issues with any of what is written or something that is not mentioned seek deliverance and be not ashamed to expose the devil. God bless and keep you in Jesus Christ mighty name.

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5 thoughts on “Sexual Perversion”

  1. Another excellent topic…When an individual is suffering from spiritual pollution, they will go about manifesting every form of immoral behavior…Why? They are not able to control their sexual appetite, they go from one place to another behaving like a dog. That is the reason why the Bible told us to have our head covered with Christ, because of those falling angels, that will be returning. The angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, they are here. One have to wear up that gospel armour every day in order to overcome, God bless you my sister Amen.

  2. Melesia Fisher - Mowatt

    May God bless you all in Jesus Christ mighty name. I pray knowledge, wisdom and understanding will increase in your lives.

  3. Everything spoken in this article is true and there is scripture to back it up! The GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob recently revealed to me the demonic dog spirits. Holy Spirit begin exposing the nature of this spirit and how it looks on a individual. It’s a disgusting spirit and explains so much on what was operating in my life. Enter into the new covenant with CHRIST JESUS as your husband and bridegroom as your take HIS cup of communion. AS HOLY SPIRIT to void and nullify all prior covenants with demonic spirts and call the spirts out by name! In JESUS name, I pray that this will help someone.

  4. This was such a great article! All these things are true! The kingdom of darkness needs to be exposed and identified. Just like it was stated above, release shame and don’t hide behind it because that’s what the enemy wants you to do! He wants you to feel like these are your actions and feelings and make you embarrassed of them. Bring to light and expose these lies which breaks the power of the enemy over you in that area! Repent, renounce, and break every evil covenant in Jesus Christ mighty name!

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