Evil Covenants

evil covenants

A Covenant is defined as an agreement between two or more people. There are covenants that are of God Almighty and there are evil covenants that connect people to the kingdom of darkness. There are also covenants that folks are unaware of but are undoubtedly apart of it. These are covenants which were made in the spirit realm in dreams. Most people, even Christians are a part of these covenants but because of lack of knowledge they are ignorant to the fact that they are connected to darkness.

Many individuals that we see daily are initiated into evil covenants consciously as they have dedicated themselves to Satan giving him legal right and authority to use them at his free will. They accept Satan as their master and render themselves as his servants.


Genesis 15:11-18 speaks about a covenant that God made with Abraham and this was done while he was asleep.

I must make it clear that one doesn’t have to say yes in the dream to make an agreement. Whenever a dream is presented to an individual and a covenant is attempted by a demon and the dreamer does not shun it or put up any form of rejection towards what was said during the dream then an agreement would be established. These are some of the dreams that indicate when a person has entered into an evil covenant in the dream:

  1. Signing papers in the dream – one may find that they are signing a paper for a job or anything else they might desire physically. What Satan wants to do is just to get an agreement, so he uses something favourable that the dreamer would readily accept.
  2. Sex in the dream – this is a very common way in which Satan establishes evil covenants. Whenever an individual have sex in the dream a covenant will be established between the two parties whether it is a familiar spirit disguised as their legal earthly spouse or another evil spirit. I must emphasize that sex is a spiritual affair and it has serious spiritual implications. Whenever a man takes a woman’s virginity her spirit is open up to the spirit of the man that broke the hymen. Whenever a woman and a man have sex there will be a spiritual transfer of destiny and a covenant will be established immediately; this is commonly called soul ties. The sin of fornication gives demons legal right and direct access into one’s destiny. I encourage our ladies to wise up and our males to think before they unzip or readily become too excited over a moment of pleasure.
  3. Seeing yourself kissing, hugging, holding hands, shaking hands with strangers or familiar spirits, walking together or being married in your dream. Another dangerous way of securing an agreement in one’s dreams would be where the dreamer is not resisting or saying anything to challenge what’s being offered to them directly or indirectly. As the scripture clearly states in Amos 3:3; how can two walk together except they agree.
  4. Dreaming of a deceased loved one or getting instructions from them – I cannot count the numerous times I hear people saying that they have dreams of their deceased loved one giving them a message, asking them to sign something or attempting to take one somewhere. These are all familiar spirits seeking your agreement in your dream in an effort to secure a generational curse. One may say that they have had dreams in which their grandmother gave them specific instructions either to turn around three times every morning or to go wash themselves at the river or sea at a specific time. Do not be fooled as this is just Satan trying to connect himself to the dreamer but uses a familiar spirit to gain trust in order to get easy access to the individual. Whenever anyone receives such dreams it must be cancel, rejected and destroyed by the holy fire of God.
  5. Receiving jewelry- dreams where one receives jewelry such as chains, bracelets, rings or crowns are just means and ways in which Satan tries to attach us to himself.

A person will enter into covenants with Satan by consulting witch doctors, obeah man/mother woman, palm readers, tarot cards readers, soothsayer and physic. These are all covenants that will not just affect the person that goes but also their generations to come.

If you or anyone you know had ever been to any of the above mentioned, please pray confessing and asking for forgiveness of your sins and also that those evil covenants be broken.

Deuteronomy 5:9 – Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

This is why we must pray for the forgiveness of sins of our forefather’s as most of the time they have entered into evil covenants by way of evil consultations. Some were unaware of the effects of their actions believing that they will only get breakthroughs. Alot of people believe that if they go to an obeah man/witch doctor it would be the end of their problems. Today I am here to say, this is a lie from the pit of hell and in fact the bible warned people about getting bamboozled by Satan and his web of lies.

Many were told to take clothing items mainly underwear and brassieres. They were advised that by bringing these items they would get married and live happily ever after. These items are usually taken to the river or sea where a sacrifice is normally done. What really happen is that a spirit spouse would be assigned to those individuals and they would be initiated into the marine kingdom and undeniably they would have no ends of trouble in their lives.

Many were advised to buy candles of different colours to burn in their homes. They were told that it would bring peace and chase away evil spirits among other things. I cannot emphasize enough that this will only invite the presence of demons in their homes and they will now be sharing their homes with evil spirits. Most times incantations are recited for “protection” but actually it is demons that are being invoked that would become territorial spirits and would live on that plot of land. Because they were invoked by a human spirit, anyone living on that plot of land would end up being in misery unless those covenants are renounced.

Many can attest to the fact they went to different places seeking solutions to their afflictions and found none, instead they end up having more problems than before.

Some were given bath in blood weather it may be human or animal while others were given blood to drink. Some were given concoctions and others were passed over water or graves. Coconuts were broken over some heads while others were given beads and chains to wear as protection.

Charms and incisions were made to the bodies of some people and others may visit the cemetery at night time doing different sorts of evil things. Many used their hard earned cash to enslave others in bondages by putting curses on them believing that they have gained not realizing they themselves are now chained in the spirit realm.

I personally know of many people that uses all sorts of oils that they believe have the potential to give them what they want. Some uses it to get promotion while others for attraction purposes such as; allowing a man or a woman to become attracted to them or to attract money to themselves.

Today because of all these foolishness alot of innocent people are now involved in evil covenants not knowing. They struggle to survive physically and spiritually unaware that the root cause is their connection to the kingdom of darkness because of visiting these evil places.

If you or anyone that you know is involved in evil covenants please pray aggressively against them until they become impotent in your life.

Here’s how you pray:

Every evil covenant operating in my life I command you to be broken in the name of Jesus Christ. I cancel every evil covenant operating in my life; I don’t accept you nor do I agree to you. Any negative effect should be completely cancelled by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

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8 thoughts on “Evil Covenants”

  1. Melesia Fisher - Mowatt

    Blessings my sis if you saw yourself having sex even if it is your husband please be advised that it’s a spirit that wants to establish a covenant in your life this could be any spirit; poverty, sicknesses,curses.

    I do advice that you pray fervently against this dream and every other evil dreams renouncing all evil covenants in no other name but the name of Jesus Christ.

  2. I have never read something so profound and true… the enemy has had so many evil covenants against my life and I walked and agreed to many of these things because of lack of knowledge…but God who is merciful has revealed these things unto me so I can walk victorious and not remain ignorant to the cunning devices of the enemy. May God continue to use you as an instrument to administer knowledge to his people, so we can rise and conquer the enemy. Bless Divine Transformation greatly Lord, as they seek to transform the minds and lives of God’s elect.

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