Dreaming Of Fish

Dreaming Of Fish

“And it shall come to pass, that the fishers shall stand upon it from En–gedi even unto En–eglaim; they shall be a place to spread forth nets; their fish shall be according to their kinds, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many.” Ezekiel 47:10

To be constantly dreaming of fish means you will be successful in ministry or your career. It denotes uncommon and unexpected favour and promotion.  In most cases, catching fish in the dream denotes a good source of blessing, prosperity, breakthrough and the fulfilment of the dreamer’s divine destiny. As a believer to constantly catch fish in the dream is the Lord telling you to pay attention to your calling, gift and destiny. It means soul- wining and evangelism. Fish in the dream also signifies a soul and to constantly dream of catching fish is a call to work in God’s vineyard.

Matthew 4:18-19 says, And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

To be fishers of men means that instead of them catching fish, they would now start to win souls for the kingdom of God. As a believer of Jesus Christ, one must allow Holy Spirit to lead in soul-winning just as the Lord guided the disciples to where the fishes were and where to cast their net. In winning souls, you have to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit as we know that the Holy Spirit not only convinces an individual but also converts them.

When you dream of seeing many fishes swimming in the river and you are catching them is a clear indication that you are called to be fishers of men however, one must be still and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as there is a time and a season for everything.

Catching a dead fish is a bad thing it indicates a dead potential, a dead hope or unsuccessfulness. Such individual needs a revival in their life or their ministry if it is a minister. It means that that person or minister’s glory is gradually fading away and needs the power of the Holy Spirit to revive every dead thing concerning their life or ministry. It also means that the ability and power to revive a lost soul is no longer present. Catching a dead fish also means that a force is working against your greatness and your harvest. If you are a pregnant woman and have had this dream, it means you must seriously pray against miscarriage.

To catch a fish and kill it means profitless hard work, emptiness, loss and ignorance. It also indicates spiritual dryness and loss of anointing.

Personally, I have learned based on experience dealing with others that eating in the dream is not good and eating a fish in the dream is an evil attack. There was once a lady who had a dream of eating a huge fish in her dream and after she woke up from the dream, she felt nauseous and she started feeling movement in her stomach. Physically, one could see the movement inside her stomach. It was after she received prayer and deliverance through the Holy Spirit the movement stopped.

To dream about a lot of fishes in a body of water struggling, represent souls that are struggling to stay alive, spiritually speaking. It means that they need the Word of God to saturate them.

I once had a dream of a tiny fish in the bottom of a jar holding to the root of a big plant and struggling to stay alive. In this dream, I was astonished so I asked the Lord what he was showing me. The Lord explained that it was a young man that I knew very well. He told me he was struggling but, he was still holding on. Over the years, I have had dreams of saving fish from the hands of the wicked. During that time, I didn’t understand however, as I matured in the Lord, I understood as he taught me and also through other workers in the vineyard.

Dreaming of fish can have many different meanings. It does depend on the dreamer and also the entirety of the dream. It’s important to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the meaning after the dream. Our dreams help to guide us towards our destiny. I pray that the grace of the Lord rests upon you and that the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding be your friend in Jesus Christ mighty name.

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