The Spirit of Unforgiveness

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The spirit of unforgiveness is one of the most popular and common spirits that is present among the human race. It is one of the most dominant spirit that consumes seventy percent of the human race. This unscrupulous spirit lurks in the hearts of children and adult irrespective of size, age or gender. If one opens the door then this spirit will enter.

This spirit of unforgiveness can be described as destructive, malicious, wicked, subtle and unscrupulous. The spirit of unforgiveness is worse than cancer and is also responsible for many sicknesses and broken homes. It is one of the devil’s most valuable tools. In the hands of satan the spirit of unforgiveness is like an atomic bomb. During numerous deliverance sessions I hear demons confessing how they have held their victims captive through the crooked spirit of unforgiveness.

I conducted a deliverance session with a woman and during the process the Holy Spirit revealed that she was harbouring unforgiveness and she must release her father. The woman opened her mouth and said, “I don’t want you spirit of unforgiveness!” and she released her offender and forgave him. As soon as she was through with this statement, the demons cried out, “how could you do this to me, how could you do this to me, why did you let me go?” The demon used the faculty of the woman and her hands were used to hold onto her heart and in no time, she laid on the floor delivered and free in Jesus Christ name. Once she renounced the spirit and willingly forgave her father the strongman had no legal rights and had to leave.

When the spirit of unforgiveness enters an individual heart, it can work in many ways.  This spirit normally attracts the spirit of hatred, hurt, bitterness of heart, malice and anger. The spirit of unforgiveness will spread like fire if the opportunity is given. Today, many homes are destroyed because of this malicious spirit of unforgiveness, infidelity or any other foolish thing satan might have used. We must shame satan and forgive others so we can also be forgiven by God Almighty.

Matthew 6 :12- And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

Whether one is right or wrong they have no right to hold an offense. As individuals we must learn to forgive so that there can be hope for the future. Unforgiveness is one of the most productive demons that operates in the kingdom of darkness. However, because many are lacking in knowledge where this spirit is concerned, homes and relationships are broken unnecessarily.

Many are unaware that they must not release themselves from relationships unless God releases them. Many futures have been shattered; marriages are mostly targeted. I remember in a vision; demons were sent to utterly destroy a particular family. This family loves the Lord dearly, but the wife was very aggressive in prayer hence she was targeted in the realm of the spirit. Beloved, satan hates prayers. In this vision I saw demons congregating and was plotting to destroy this family. They said; “we must find a doorway to enter”. They discussed that they will tempt the husband by sending women to him from the marine kingdom, to be specific women with jezebel spirit. Whenever the devil is attacking a family, he oftentimes sends his agents that possesses the spirit of jezebel or delilah and wherever these spirits are one will find the serpentine spirit.

They further explained that the children of this family are prophetic, they are all special. If they can operate through the man to get to the wife through the spirit of unforgiveness then they would destroy the marriage and the calling and destiny of the young children would be destroyed as these children were born to do mass destruction in the camp of satan. The devil is cunning and we must be careful of his devices and must also know how to send fire in the kingdom of darkness.

1 Peter 5:8- Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

Many successful and happy marriages and relationships that stand today will tell you the challenges and storms that they have passed through to be an example. They shamed the devil and forgave each other and end up having a beautiful home. In any beautiful relationship one will find that the spirit of forgiveness has knitted itself in the hearts of the participants.

Anywhere there is chaos satan is there as we know very well that satan’s motto is to kill, steal and to destroy. If one is unaware of the wiles of the devil, he will destroy them mercilessly. Brethren, we must know our opponents and how they operate.  It is imperative that we know their tactics and their weapons. A solider that is at war who is clueless about his opponent will most time be injured, killed or captured. The enemy studies us as Christians, but many who are Christians don’t know basic information about satan. The devil always sends out his monitoring demons to monitor our lives. If anyone is to write an exam, they will study in order to be successful. Many are going to war with no ammunition, they are not suited in the Armor of God.

It is sad to say but these individuals will be injured or even end up dying an untimely death. This sounds hard but it’s fact; many are still drinking milk after they have accepted Jesus in their life for years. They are stagnant spiritual speaking and is lacking in knowledge therefore they are tossed back and forth in the same situation year after year, not seeing the unseen forces that are operating against them.

2 Corinthians 4:18- While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

The Lord revealed to me how it touches his heart to see his people struggling with unnecessary bondage and yokes he did not place upon them due to lack of knowledge. Through the scripture he reminded me that, through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

Too many people have committed themselves in long term relationships with the spirit of unforgiveness. Too many people have allowed this spirit to have access to their hearts. It is sad to say that many that calls themselves Christians permit unforgiveness to be their bosom friend. The spirit of unforgiveness is flamboyant among believers today as satan uses this spirit to rage war between Christians. He sends the spirit of blindness in their eyes and ignorance to cause them to be fighting each other believing they are fighting for the Lord; what deception the devil has brought.

Mark 3:25- And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

Many Christians are unaware that there is a vicious war going on and this war is constant. Many are operating in the flesh using their tongue as a battle axe slaying their brothers and sisters while the spirit of unforgiveness plays drums in their hearts.

Spiritual warfare should be between the devil and the saints not the saints against the saints. Personally, I have had my own encounter with the spirit of unforgiveness. I remember going through a hard time and I was offended and did not want to forgive. I wanted to hold on to the spirit of unforgiveness. It was imperative for me to embrace the situation, I felt justified holding on to the offense. In case you’re wondering if I was a Christian then the answer is yes, yes, I was. Did I know the scripture about forgiveness? yes, yes, I did. Then why did you hold on to it? What I know today, I didn’t know then. I wanted revenge; I now know that vengeance belongs to God but I really wanted my offender to see how badly I was offended. Now I can say I was operating in the flesh.

The fact is, I was lacking in knowledge so I was perishing slowly but surely. After I had entertained the spirit of unforgiveness; the spirit of hurt came in with authority and convinced me that I must hold on to the offense, then subtly the spirit of anger rested in my bosom. Bitterness of heart was my cup of tea, sadness, frustration, torment and offense hosted a party in my heart. I really did not know the spiritual implications of the madness I was caressing. I was a young and ignorant Christian just graduating into adulthood.

I must warn people that whenever these spirits are tormenting an individual life, they will find it difficult to pray or to hear what the Lord is saying. The truth is, once the door is open, demons will enter because open doors give satan legal right to enter into one’s life even if he/she is a recipient of the Holy Spirit. Beloved, our heart is a contact point with God and unforgiveness can only dwell in the heart. When unforgiveness dwell in one’s heart, where them will the Holy Spirit reside?

When the spirit of offense, hurt and unforgiveness is in operation; confusion will become the order of the day. We know that where there is confusion there is setback, limitation and backwardness. I must mention that the spirit of unforgiveness attracts the spirit of cancer, stiff-neck, heart problems, along with many other deadly diseases. I have seen it on more than one occasion where demons confessed that the spirit of unforgiveness attracts several infirmities.

NB: Not everyone that suffers from cancer and other sicknesses are caused by unforgiveness.

We should know that in life something will take us home regardless of what it is. A man can be sick and still be a friend of God.

Psalm 34:19- Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.

I remember vividly when I held on to these filthy spirits, I had pain all over my body. I felt trapped. Anger was my food and bitterness was my juice; it was a hard cup to drink. Today, to think I actually thought that I was doing good to myself but realize I was my own poison. It was in my situation that I knew Jesus to be a counsellor, a heavy load bearer, a problem solver among others. I knew the love of Jesus Christ for myself not only based on others experience but also my own experience.

One day as I was home, I felt pain in my shoulders, neck and my entire body burned as if someone lit it on fire. The heat was too much that I threw my hands up in the air and cried asking the Lord to take away the pain from my heart. At that particular moment I felt a coolness on my shoulder and I wept profusely, however, this was tears of freedom. The Lord cast out those filthy spirits that were dwelling inside of me with his awesome power. God is always willing to help his children but God also work based on our willingness.

The truth is, God wanted to set me free but I was accepting poisons from satan not realizing I was deceived and I was holding myself captive. Today, I want to say to someone, “it is one’s genuine willingness and God’s ability that works things out.”  Even though God wants to help us we must also be willing to receive the help.

I can say to anyone today that it is not worth it to not forgive.  Forgiveness is one of the spirits we must invite into our lives. One may experience hurt in their life; some surface, some are deep tissue hurt while some reaches the heart. The devil will use the ones closest to an individual to hurt them. This one touches the heart and erupt emotions like a volcano. I have observed that many people today that are hurt are often times hurt by the one’s they would not expect to hurt them. This is what makes it so hard to forgive. I am grateful God delivered me before these spirits took root in my heart and spread, least, they spread out like a green bay tree.

A man can offend an individual and realize himself and quickly ask for forgiveness, such a man may be forgiven however the one that was offended keep holding on to the spirit of unforgiveness and is in danger of hellfire. I have learned that whether we are right or wrong we have no right to hold onto the spirit of offense.

If you are holding on to something someone has done to you and you refuse to forgive, then you are welcoming sicknesses, setback and the spirit of the snail in your life.  Holding on to unforgiveness is actually holding on to a bomb that can detonate and kill you at any given time. When you have forgiven your offender, you will have peace. I must say that some things take time to heal but with constant praying; praying of the scriptures and praying for your offenders will help in the healing process. The devil will try to convince you at times that you have not forgiven your offenders as at times he will bring back flashes of the past. I encourage you to reject them and not to dwell on them as it is a subtle trap he normally uses. If you accept the thoughts, that’s where you will go wrong. I encourage you today to not base your faith on how you are feeling. Going back to your old ways is the ugliness of flesh.

James 4:7- Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Unforgiveness”

  1. Thank you for this informative message! I didn’t realize I was struggling with the spirit of unforgiveness. Children of God have to be aware of were you are being attacked. Why you feel angry? Hurt? In pain? Tired? Hateful? Now I know where it’s coming from!
    Thank you!

  2. To God be the glory great things he has done. I find this interesting and
    very informative . I pray the Lord’s continual guidance in your ministry and his peace be with you always in Jesus Christ mighty name ❤️❤️

    1. Great teaching to me as well as many others.I receive the spirit of forgiveness in Jesus’Name.We need more of such knowledge for us to keep growing in the things of God.God bless you for this piece.

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