The Spirit of Limitation


Limitation is to be restricted, to be stopped or to have boundaries. Many individuals today are experiencing the spirit of limitation in their lives. They are qualified to operate in a particular area but are bound up in the realm of the spirit. They are chained spiritually speaking. Therefore, they suffer limitation and stagnation; both Christians and non-Christians.  I should also mention that stagnation is a spirit. The spirit of limitation is bosom friend with the spirit of stagnation, setback, backwardness, procrastination and the spirit of the snail.  These spirits work unitedly to accomplish their ultimate goal.

If one is chained spiritually then physically it would be impossible to accomplish what they are destined to accomplish.  This spirit loves to attach itself to people who are destined for greatness. It is very jealous and at the sight of progress it will work assiduously to swallow it up like a whirlwind.

This spirit of limitation loves to attack persons with great potential and individuals that were born with bright stars. It will also work through individuals that are close to the people with great potential. Many persons have numerous certificates but never work a day in the field that they have studied. Instead, they would start pursuing another course; that is limitation right there. This is satan’s evil plan, to cripple progress in the life of that individual.

This is the true story of a hardworking woman. She works diligently and is efficient at her job, she was promoted as a supervisor and continued to thrive very well, but the spirit of setback and limitation was very jealous of her promotion. Limitation worked though her manager to block her from being promoted to assistant manager. She suffered at the hands of her manager; and so, she decided to resign and seek a new job at a different company. She was favoured to be given a supervisor’s position as her new employer saw the potential and they were very pleased with her. The opportunity presented itself for her to be promoted as an assistant manager but just before the promotion could take place, her manager resigned from the job. One may find it hard to believe but the old manager from the first place of employment was employed as the manager. Talk about the spirit of frustration!

This manager did everything to stop this young woman again from being promoted. It was as if they started where they left off at the old job. This new manager instead employed a stranger from outside to become the assistant manager. This woman would now have to stay in the same old position watching others climbing up the ladder. Evidently, the spirit of limitation was programmed into her life. Fasting and fervent prayer is required to shut down the spirit of setback and to tear down the gate of limitation. She always dream of going back to where she lived as a child and would also dream of not being able to reach her destination because she was prevented. It is obvious that the spirit of setback and limitation was working against her destiny.

It is imperative that I mention that persons who are living in sin are easy target for demons to enter. Sin gives demons legal rights to enter any individual. Most of the time when one suffers from the spirit of limitation, then that demon will enter any person that can help to make progress easier and cause them to see something negative about the one afflicted by the spirit. If the individual is saved and is living a life pleasing to God then no demon can enter as they please.

If anyone makes themselves available to satan, he will use them. Don’t allow the devil to make you operate as a destiny destroyer in anyone’s life. If you are working with someone and you see their potential and you can groom them, please do. The Lord God will bless you immensely. Never try to hold back someone because you are insecure.

Many individuals allow the devil to use their tongue to place limitation on people. Many confesses ill-spoken words over the lives of others and today those words operate in the life of that individual. For example; “You will not come to anything in this life”. Many tongues are acidic and is filled with poisonous venom. When some persons open their mouths, it become as  a sepulchre and will swallow up many destinies.

Proverbs 18: 21- Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

This manager would always talk of how this woman works well. She is always so confident in her in getting the job done. However, she could not find it her heart to promote this woman. I say the seed one sows, they will also reap. We must always remember the future before we act selfish and foolish. Many died because they could not carry what they have sowed when it was time to reap. If you are struggling with this spirit, I implore you to pray against it and seek deliverance to shut down the operations of this evil spirit working against you.

God bless the eyes that behold this article, I speak in into being that the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding will rest upon you.

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6 thoughts on “The Spirit of Limitation”

  1. Demons are real especially in families. If a child is destined for greatness these demons work through parents to try and destroy that child’s future. It can be through losing interest to pay school fees, discouraging the child to persue a certain goal or by favouring another child to do that thing yet that child has nothing in common with that. To overcome these kind of demons I tell you, be close to God and leave an honest life and very prayerful life.

  2. These spirits are wicked and will not stop until they destroy our lives .. they never quit. Therefore why should we settle for less when we have Dominion over them and over the power of the enemy…I am pursuaded that nothing shall be able to separate me from the love of God through Christ Jesus..we are to know who we are we are no ordinary people we a peculiar, chosen, royal priesthood, a holy nation unto God we have the power to bind up anything fellow brothers and sisters we are to come to the knowledge of who God is the all powerful immortal invisible only wise put on the strength of the Lord. We are not defeated but reigns victorious in Christ Jesus he overcome this world likewise we also. GET UP SOLDIERS ! STAND UP SOLDIERS ! DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT..JESUS NEVER GIVES UP ON US WHY SHOULD WE GIVE UP ON HIM.

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