Dreaming of Hair

dreaming of hair

Matthew 10:30- But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Our God is a loving father and just the thought that he numbered the very hair upon our heads makes me elated. If one should go missing our father is aware of it.

Hair represents the covering of men and in the dream, it represents glory, wisdom, confidence, and beauty. Many today are experiencing dreams about hair but don’t understand them. When individuals receive dreams and visions and they lack knowledge on how to interpret it, they normally suffer the consequences.

Judges 16:17- That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto God from my mother’s womb: if I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man.

In the above scripture, Samson’s glory was attacked by Delilah. In this story, Samson’s hair represents strength and power.

2 Samuel 10: 4-5- Wherefore Hanun took David’s servants, and shaved off the one-half of their beards, and cut off their garments in the middle, even to their buttocks, and sent them away. When they told it unto David, he sent to meet them, because the men were greatly ashamed: and the king said, Tarry at Jericho until your beards be grown, and then return.

Cutting off one’s hair in the dream– signifies suffering, disgrace, and embarrassment. This is a spiritual attack on one’s destiny that will affect their life tremendously where breakthrough is concerned. The spirit of setback will operate in one’s life if such a dream is not dealt with in prayer. Women that are married and dream that their hair has been cut in will experience marital issues. Dirty hair in the dream is not good as it represents bewitchment of one’s destiny and glory and is also spiritual pollution. Beloved, whenever anything is dirty it carries bad odours which will cause one to face rejection. Dirty hair in the dream also symbolizes sickness, spiritual weakness and overall introduce problems to the dreamer’s life. There are satanic barbers and hairdressers cutting people’s hair and using them to attack their destiny. These evil entities also place heavy loads on the dreamer through witchcraft powers. This is why as individuals we must monitor our dreams and pray against all evil attacks.

To see strange hands being placed on one’s head- This can be very dangerous as it would signify that one’s virtue has been stolen or tampered with. Satan is wicked and loves no one; he doesn’t want to see anyone fulfill their God-given destiny. I must note however that not all the time laying of hands in the dream represents an evil attack. I have experienced a servant of the Lord laying hands-on individuals in the dream and on more than one occasion the dreamer woke up vomiting and experience freedom from satanic bondage. It depends on the entirety of the dream to determine if it’s bad or good.

Washing one’s hair in the dream– naturally washing one’s hair normally is a refreshing feeling for any individual. This represents a clear mind, it brings beauty, happiness wisdom, and favour. However, to see strange individuals putting substances in one’s hair to wash it could be a very bad dream. As whatever is used or placed in the hair could have a negative impact. I must say that it depends on the entirety of the dream.

Dreaming of hair length– For a man with very short hair to dream of themselves with very long hair represents that they are connected marine kingdom. When a woman sees her hair very long and naturally she has short hair means that they are connected to the marine kingdom and most times are afflicted with the spirit of the mermaid and spiritual spouse.

Lost hair in the dream– this denotes that the spirit of madness and confusion wants to attack one’s life. Losing hair in the dream exposes one to satan’s affliction which could come in the form of shame and disgrace. For a man to lose their hair physically it at times affects their self-esteem. Man losing hair in the dream means that they are losing power, fame, authority, health, and is also an introduction of untimely death. Losing one’s hair in the dream represents that an arrow of sickness and infirmity has been fired at you it’s important to pray against such a dream.

Evil odour coming from one’s hair– represents rejection, disgrace, and suffering. Physically speaking, once an individual travels with an odour, they would face rejection, shame, and embarrassment.

Dreaming of hair colour– For a woman to see themselves with long hair of red, black, green, blue, pink, etc. symbolizes that such a woman is connected to the marine kingdom. I must mention that for a man to see themselves wearing hair on their head is not good. Pray for it’s sure that satan wants to introduce the spirit of woman in their life. Gray hair means long life and wisdom, glory, favour, and success.

For a married woman to see a strange man combing their hair, pray very well against a spiritual spouse. This is a spirit that wants to control you. Our hair carries our DNA.  Many individuals will visit spiritualists to find a solution for their problem and will be told to cut the hair of their private part and head. These will be placed on evil alters and such individuals will not be helped but find that they will have more problems than before. If you have done such a thing and you are reading this article and you are not yet delivered, I implore you to seek deliverance because a spiritual spouse will afflict your life.

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