Eating in the Dream

eating in the dream

From time to time persons would find that they are eating in the dream. This will present a problem both physically and spiritually. In the dream the food looks and taste delicious however, I can tell you that what you are consuming are curses, sicknesses, setback, limitation, etc. I can remember a dish was presented before me and I recall saying, ‘I will not eat the spirit of setback’. The Lord told me how to deal with this matter through the prayer points below. One will find that while saying these prayer points, they will vomit, burp, yawn incessantly or even find that they are pressed to use the restroom. Among others, these are some of the ways in which demons leave a person’s body. The Lord also revealed that blessing a cup of water and calling on His name over the water then drinking it is also very effective. It is important to also fast and read the Word of God as it will build one’s spiritual life. In past times I would receive dreams which indicate that when an individual spirit man is weak demons normal feed them easily in the dream. It was explained to me that just as how the physical man needs food, the spiritual man also needs food. It is imperative to consume the Word of the Lord and to allow it to saturate one’s spirit.

I must state that satan and his agents are very persistent and they will try to afflict individuals with evil food through manipulation in the dream. If this should happen please don’t become discouraged. It is satan’s joy to see God’s children fall and remain defeated. Don’t lose focus of what the Lord ‘s promises are.

Confession: Psalm 34:19: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.”


  1. I acknowledge that Jesus Christ died for my sins. When Jesus died for my sins, sin’s power over me was broken.
  2. I break every evil covenant in my life with evil caterer now in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  3. All evil agent serving me evil food in the dream I command you to collapse and die immediately in Jesus Christ mighty name .
  4. I command all evil food in my system to come out now by the fire of the Holy Spirit in the delivering name of Jesus Christ.
  5. I break all evil covenants with familiar spirit feeding and serving me in the dream now in the saving name of Jesus Christ.
  6. I close all doors that I have opened to cause evil food to be fed unto me in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  7. I am a child of the king, I will not incubate anything for satan. Therefore, I command all evil concoction I have drank in the dream to be vomited out now with all your root in Jesus Christ name.
  8. I decree that sins power over me is broken when Jesus went I went, when he rose I rose, sin’s power over me is broken in Jesus Christ mighty name.
  9. Thank God for answers to your prayers.

Pray for our team and ministry in Jesus Christ mighty name.

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2 thoughts on “Eating in the Dream”

  1. Thanks to God almighty am learning to the glory of God every now on then I dream of eating in the dream but I bind it up in the name of Jesus Christ I thank God for this ministry am learning I pray that God will strengthen this ministry and take it to the highest level in Jesus Christ name I pray thank you Lord amen

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